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• 14/03/2017

China’s insurance, a young sector which arouses keen interest

• 06/12/2016

China and Donald Trump, the hope of a pragmatic acclimation

• 22/06/2016

Lancôme in Hong Kong, a too fat stroke of a grease pencil

• 27/05/2016

Baidu’s recent scandal, and its implications

Albert LouieBeijing-born, Albert Louie, who is US-educated, speaks English, Mandarin and the Chinese dialects. He set up the Kroll’s first representative office in Beijing in 1996 and was responsible for its China operations. He later established his own consultancy, A. Louie International, advising multinational firms with their operations in China.

A. Louie Associate Ltd (“A. Louie”) is a leading business risk management and crisis’ solutions consultancy, and business strategy firm specializing in the Chinese market with a proven track record of successes. Based in Hong Kong, A. Louie assists clients with difficult decisions and helps them to resolve complex problems associated with doing business in China.